I Speak My Words With Authority And Power

I have a strong vibrant voice that resonates
with power as I make union with Spirit. My words are
sweet to the soul and healthy to the bones. I
recognize and behold the Christ within everyone I
meet today. I speak words that praise. I speak words
that lift and strengthen Spiritual development. I
speak words of encouragement.
I train my thoughts and pay attention to the
ideas I receive during my quiet times of meditation
and devotion. I Am empowered with a loving state of
consciousness. Divine Mind speaks through me and
I know that my words are acceptable. I practice my
speaking. The more I speak, the stronger my voice
gets. The stronger my voice gets, the sweeter it
sounds to those who are blessed to hear the words I
Am given by Divine Mind. Thanks, God. And so it is!

“And they were astonished at his teaching; because
his word had power.”
Luke 4:32


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