Power Behind A Word

There are generally three types of people; those that wait for things to happen, those that watch things happen and those who make things happen. The author found himself as one of those who fell somewhere in between. He is a man of great vision, but shies to act. To help overcome his reserved demeanor, he put out in the universe the question; what motivates one to be successful?

The keys to success are a hot topic these days. Often dubbed “the secrets to success” are being preached from the pulpit as prosperity, presented at wealth expos and documented in best-selling advice books. Those who claim to hold the secret to success are multidisciplinary professionals who have become captains and mega champions in their industry. They are people who make or have made tremendous strides and accomplishments in various vocations of life.

In 2004, the universe answered. What was observed of these successful people is that they were charismatic, confident in their approach and knowledge. One night the author awoke, after being given an anointed word with a powerful meaning. The word is arrogressive™.

ar-ro-gressive (ar ro gressiv); adj, 1 positive attitude approach to all challenges 2 asserting self-confidence with a mission of achieving successful results

Arrogressive is not just a word, but also a behavior. Arrogressive behavior exemplifies individuals with the wisdom, knowledge, energy, and fortitude to set forth the attitude of “I must maximize my potential, despite any obstacles.” This “can do” lifestyle that has been in existence since Biblical times is now defined by this powerful word.

Now is the time for others to step outside of themselves and say, “It’s ok to label me arrogressive …” the author coins.

The word arrogressive is currently for lease. There must be an essay written to explain why, how and where the word will be used to promote the well being of our society.

Always apologize for being ARROGANT,
Sometimes apologize for being AGGRESSIVE,
Never apologize for being ARROGRESSIVE,
arrogressive is a behavior we all can live with!

The secret to success is out of the bottle. Arrogressive behavior is the key to individual accomplishments, regardless of life’s obstacles.

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